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Andrea Antoine
BBAAD Productions
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I have had the privilege of working with the G.A.P. (Graduation Assistance Program). Their mission is to provide Alaskan youth with the skills needed to graduate from high school on time and without incident, by providing access to the skills necessary to obtain employment and interact positively within the community. This is a WONDERFUL Program!


I have personally had the privilege of interacting with the youth in the G.A.P. Program over the past year.  The high level of mentoring by the program director and staff is very evident in the level of professionalism the youth exhibit.    


The youth's appearance, professionalism, and respect for authority is to be commended.  The G.A.P Program assisted my Promotional Company with several events including: street team promotions, hosting/greeting at concerts and awards shows, Business Expo, and youth summit.  The youth set up and cleaned up; hosted and greeted attendees. The youth were receptive to instruction and carried out their duties in a professional manner with no issues.


The G.A.P. Program is the type of program our community needs and I would highly recommend supporting this organization's future endeavors.


If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.





Andrea Antoine, CEO/Owner

BBAAD Productions LLC.

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Jasmin Smith
Business Owner

I am the owner/ founder of BabyVend, The Business Boutique, and Juneteenth Anchorage. Over the past year I have had the privilege of working with the youth on various activities and community projects. The youth acted on behalf of our events in diverse roles including: event greeters, set up and clean-up crew, backstage hands, and fashion models. In Exchange of supporting my business and nonprofit endeavors I agreed to assist the youth with Workforce Development training and get them all certified as Customer Service Specialist through a State of Alaska recognized program called Alaska Host, which teaches customer service and communication essentials for hospitality industry workers.

The youth of the GAP program were extremely professional and excited to learn and advanced their careers by building their resumes.

The Business Boutique also assisted with helping making the GAP Program a nonprofit as we saw the programs potential and believe in its mission. We look forward to continuing our partnership and serving more youth in the future.



Jasmin Smith
The Business Boutique
Alaska Music Leaders Association

Adrissa Carter
Senior Parent

My child Dante Carter was a Sponsored Youth that participated in the G.A.P Program this past school year. The G.A.P Program was offered to my son and I at a very important time. This program has allowed my son to stay on track and achieve all the things that most high school seniors need in their final year. As a sponsored youth, my son was provided the following: cap and gown, senior photos, graduation invitations, free haircuts, and monthly treats sent to his school. We were truly honored to be a part of this program and have nothing but great things to say about it. I believe Sophia Metters has found an underlined need, and offering a great program not only to families that need help but to our youth in our community. I would recommend this program to everyone that has a child attending their final years in high school.

Thank you so much to everyone at the G.A.P Program, I wish you many years of success and youth building.




Adrissa Carter

My name is Teri Nickels, I am the parent of Arianna Pimentel who was one of the youth chosen to be the Sponsored Senior in the G.A.P Program. I was more than grateful. As a single mother of 4, that took away so much stress I had with having a senior and the expenses that came with it. My daughter was provided with a cap and gown, senior photos, graduation invitations, and discounted/free services. I will forever be thankful for all the help we were given thru this program. It also helped my daughter stay on track all year with her grades, the program staff kept up on grades. There were certain perks for youth who had good grades, which was an incentive for her to keep up on her assignments. She felt good about getting good reviews from the program staff.

    Arianna was offered several different opportunities while in this program. She got to attend and participate in community events around town and was taken to concerts to just enjoy with her peers free of charge. She was given several job opportunities and hands on job experience. While helping at these events and the program utilized these experiences and made her a resume. This resume along with several job leads sent by program staff helped her find a job.

    My family is very pleased with our experience with the G.A.P Program and would greatly recommend it to other families. Thank you again G.A.P Program for all your help and knowledge.




Teri Nickels

Teri Nickel
Senior Parent
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