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The Mission and Program Guidelines

 The GAP Program is a recognized 501 c 3 non- profit organization operating within the State of Alaska.


The Mission Statement :

The purpose of the GAP Program is to provide Alaskan youth with the skills needed to graduate from high school on time and without incident by providing access to employment skills and positive community activities. These activities help build their employable skills and get them active in the community in a positive manner.

 The GAP program runs from October until May. The GAP program is funded by grants, fundraisers, and generous contributions by community members, and local sponsors. The GAP program consists of 1 monthly meeting and 1 monthly activity (i.e. training, work experience, internship,, or fundraiser) To participate in the actual youth program, youth have to be in 9th grade or higher, have a 2.0 GPA minimum and maintain it , has to participate in all activities unless they are sick, in sports, or employed. They also have to maintain professional dress and keep an open mind to try new things and be enrolled in an approved school program.

Training and Education : The purpose of our education and training program is to provide employment assistance, certifications, and work experiences to help boost resumes and employment potential.  We offer CPR, BLS, Instructor Trainer, and Babysitters classes. These services and classes are offered to anyone within the community.


Sophia Metters

President/Instructor Trainer

  Teri Nickels

  Event Coordinator

  DaMarr Metters

  GAP Transport

  Taiasia Stricklin

  Event Specialist

Tionna Thomas

Vice President


  Tiny Thomas


 Tyenna Miller

 Executive Assistant
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